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The Personal Smart Assistant From Best Self.

With a unique algorithm that automatically learns your preferences, Dawn was designed to prioritize your to-do list and create a daily “smart” calendar.

Without thinking, you’ll know what you need to do, where you need to be and you’ll maximize your time to get the most out of your day.

See what Dawn can do for your day.

Morning Brief

The Morning Brief

With just a few inputs from you, Dawn will create an entire morning brief so you can see your day at a glance. Wake up with a personalized list of your tasks, events, and appointments. Your morning brief is prepared the night before and presented to you when you wake up.

Daily Recap

The Daily Recap

Dawn's personalized Daily Recap feature will show you statistics and data on what you got completed, what was missed or outstanding, and just how productive you were. sleep easier knowing what got done, what’s outstanding, and what’s coming tomorrow.

More Than A Calendar Dawn Is The Smart Planner That Keeps You From Getting Stuck And Builds Your Schedule Based On Your Preferences

Recurring Tasks

Peace Of Mind For The Creature Of Habit

Built right into the Dawn app specifically for tasks that repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in your calendar, DAWN will seamlessly manage your repeating tasks for you and integrate them into your GCal or Outlook Calendar.


Work-Life Bliss With The Real-Time Tagging

Need a set reminder for tasks like laundry, workouts, and personal time? Or maybe you just want to tag items in your calendar that you’d like to set up outside of your work hours? Now it’s not a problem to balance work and play with the tagging feature.

Dawn was created with extreme attention to detail specifically for busy people tired of the overwhelm, frustration and confusion of mapping out their day.

Designed with input from busy entrepreneurs, overloaded students, talented tech professionals and UI/UX experts committed to created the best user experience possible.

Dawn was made to work perfectly for you.

Automatically generate personal reminders, organizes your schedule and auto-completes tasks.

It lets you customize it to fit all your needs and syncs with all your iCal and Gcal platforms.

Seamlessly craft your most productive day, by learning your habits, goals and daily timelines.

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